Ekim 28, 2020
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict tests Turkey’s hard power without diplomacy
Can Ankara’s “coercive diplomacy” in the south Caucasus yield tangible diplomatic benefits in the long run? BARIN KAYAOĞLU […]
Ekim 23, 2020
What now for Turkey in Cyprus and eastern Mediterranean?
I discussed the recent elections in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus and how it will maintain or change […]
Eylül 16, 2020
Tensions between Turkey, Turkish Cypriots escalate
The Turkish government and the Turkish Cypriot president have a row in advance of the Oct. 11 presidential […]
Eylül 4, 2020
Why Mediterranean tensions may not benefit Erdogan at home
An equitable resolution to the crisis with Greece and France would be great for Turkey, but even that […]
Eylül 2, 2020
Macron’s Iraq and KRG visits
I analyzed French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Iraq and its implications for the region with Medyascope’s Burak […]
Ağustos 27, 2020
How Mediterranean standoff complicates Turkey’s natural gas agenda
Too many factors — especially tensions with Greece — are at play to determine whether recent gas discoveries […]
Ağustos 24, 2020
Turkey says it is institution-building through military training in Libya
A new military training agreement between Ankara, Doha and Tripoli could have lasting consequences for Libya. BARIN KAYAOĞLU […]
Mart 23, 2020
The coronavirus situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan region
I assessed the coronavirus situation in Iraq and the KRG for Medyascope (in Turkish)
Mart 21, 2020
Why a young woman’s off-hand joke created a social lynch mob in Turkey
A young comedian’s off-hand joke about minority Alevis proves that we Turks have much to learn about free […]
Mart 8, 2020
How Turkey’s soldiers and spies saved the day in Syria
Diplomatic position in Syria remains untenable, but its armed forces and spy agency did a pretty good job […]
Şubat 4, 2020
What is Turkey doing in Africa and why?
I dıscussed Turkey’s African overture as a guest of Işın Eliçin on Medyascope. (in Turkish)
Ocak 27, 2020
Libya is only small part of Turkey’s ambitious Africa overture
Although Turkey’s moves in Libya capture a lot of headlines these days, Ankara has been busy on other […]
Ocak 10, 2020
Are tensions decreasing between the United States and Iran?
In the wake of the U.S. assassination of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Tehran’s retaliation against U.S. targets […]
Ağustos 2, 2019
Can the US and Turkey bridge their differences over Syria’s Kurds?
I appeared on Al Jazeera TV wıth other commentators to discuss the crisis in Syria.
Aralık 4, 2018
Turkey may push for UN investigation into Khashoggi murder
I appeared on Al Jazeera TV wıth other commentators to discuss the fallout from the murder of the […]
Kasım 29, 2018
Turkey’s paid exemption from military service system begins
Turkey’s paid exemption from military service system begins Summary: Will the new paid military service waiver program be […]
Ekim 26, 2017
Denied Again: Kirkuk and the Dream of an Independent Kurdistan
BARIN KAYAOĞLU In a closed-door meeting at a Washington think tank in July, I had the opportunity to […]
Ekim 26, 2017
A farewell to the West? Turkey’s possible pivot in the Aftermath of the July 2016 Coup Attempt
Will Turkey abandon its Western allies and pivot to the “East”? My report for The Hague Centre for […]
Kasım 23, 2016
Is Turkey ready for global manhunt for Fethullah Gulen?
What would it take for the Turkish government to capture the assumed mastermind of the July 2016 coup […]
Kasım 1, 2016
Restart and Renewal: Taking U.S.-Turkish Trade to $50 Billion by 2025
Developing commercial and economic ties between the United States and Turkey could lessen the weight of the political-military […]
Mayıs 1, 2016
On Children’s Day in Turkey, adults set bad example
We Turks find a way to sow division even when we want to celebrate a World War I […]
Eylül 23, 2013
Is Turkey Giving Up on EU Membership?
Comments by the Turkish minister for EU affairs that Ankara may drop its EU bid would undermine its […]
Eylül 6, 2013
Five Lessons From Turkey’s 1998 Standoff With Syria
It tends to be forgotten, but in the fall of 1998 Turkey and Syria almost went to war. […]
Şubat 27, 2012
The International Community’s Unpleasant Options in Syria
In the aftermath of the Russian and Chinese vetoes at the United Nations Security Council, many Western countries and […]