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Ekim 28, 2020
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict tests Turkey’s hard power without diplomacy
Can Ankara’s “coercive diplomacy” in the south Caucasus yield tangible diplomatic benefits in the long run? BARIN KAYAOĞLU […]
Ekim 23, 2020
What now for Turkey in Cyprus and eastern Mediterranean?
I discussed the recent elections in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus and how it will maintain or change […]
Eylül 16, 2020
Tensions between Turkey, Turkish Cypriots escalate
The Turkish government and the Turkish Cypriot president have a row in advance of the Oct. 11 presidential […]
Eylül 4, 2020
Why Mediterranean tensions may not benefit Erdogan at home
An equitable resolution to the crisis with Greece and France would be great for Turkey, but even that […]
Ağustos 27, 2020
How Mediterranean standoff complicates Turkey’s natural gas agenda
Too many factors — especially tensions with Greece — are at play to determine whether recent gas discoveries […]
Ağustos 24, 2020
Turkey says it is institution-building through military training in Libya
A new military training agreement between Ankara, Doha and Tripoli could have lasting consequences for Libya. BARIN KAYAOĞLU […]
Mart 8, 2020
How Turkey’s soldiers and spies saved the day in Syria
Diplomatic position in Syria remains untenable, but its armed forces and spy agency did a pretty good job […]
Ocak 27, 2020
Libya is only small part of Turkey’s ambitious Africa overture
Although Turkey’s moves in Libya capture a lot of headlines these days, Ankara has been busy on other […]
Kasım 29, 2018
Turkey’s paid exemption from military service system begins
Turkey’s paid exemption from military service system begins Summary: Will the new paid military service waiver program be […]
Ekim 26, 2017
Denied Again: Kirkuk and the Dream of an Independent Kurdistan
BARIN KAYAOĞLU In a closed-door meeting at a Washington think tank in July, I had the opportunity to […]
Kasım 23, 2016
Is Turkey ready for global manhunt for Fethullah Gulen?
What would it take for the Turkish government to capture the assumed mastermind of the July 2016 coup […]
Mayıs 1, 2016
On Children’s Day in Turkey, adults set bad example
We Turks find a way to sow division even when we want to celebrate a World War I […]
Eylül 23, 2013
Is Turkey Giving Up on EU Membership?
Comments by the Turkish minister for EU affairs that Ankara may drop its EU bid would undermine its […]